The Safe Time

Natural Family Planning

Using the body changes that occur during the menstrual cycle as a guide to know times when having sex is less or more likely to lead to pregnancy.

Natural family planning can be effective when practiced perfectly; however, it is important for the woman to have had regular cycles for some time (ideally for at least a few years), be able to chart and record fertility signals every single day, and to have a partner who is deeply committed to doing their part to practice the method properly.

How long does it last?

This method can last for as long as you practice it.

How does it work?

You avoid having sex at the “unsafe times”: the time your body releases an egg each month. You may use a backup method of birth control for any intercourse during most fertile times.

You will need to learn the methods of tracking your menstrual cycle from a specialist in natural family planning.

What about my fertility?

This method does not affect your fertility.